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The Northern Zone Nevada Music Educators Association is a part of the Nevada Music Educators Association (NMEA), which is a part of the National Association for Music Educators (NAfME).

Participating Schools

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Carson City School District 

Brian Fox - Stings

Carson High School 

Nick Jacques - Band 

        Andy Sonnemaker - Choir

Carson Middle School 

Stephanie VanOrman - Band

Briana Valley - Choir

Eagle Valley Middle School

 Jon Brill - Band/Choir

Churchill County 

Churchill County High School

Scott Parker- Band

Janice Bice - Choir

Churchill County Jr High School 

Lucas Koeing - Band/ Choir

Oasis Charter School

 - Choir

Jocelyn Burbidge - Band

Douglas County 

Douglas High School 

Mark Porter - Band/ Choir

Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School 

Dr. Ken Goff - Band/ Choir

Carson Valley Middle School 

Janet Levine - Band/ Choir

George Whittell High

Elizabeth Eubanks - Band/ Choir

Lyon County 

Dayton High School

Jeremy Satalick - Band/Choir

Yerington High School

Chris Jeka - Band/ Choir

Fernley High School

 Amber Vedova- Band/ Choir

Silver Stage High School & Middle School

 Hilary Denham - Band/ Choir

Dayton Intermediate

Jeremy Satalick - Band/ Choir

Yerington Intermediate

         Chris Jeka - Band 

Lynn Jeka - Choir

Silverland Middle School

Lisa Causey - Band/ Choir

Mineral County 

Mineral County High School
        - Band/ Choir

Washoe County 

Bishop Manouge 

 Kimberly Hilliard - Choir


Pershing County Schools

 - Band/ Choir

Pershing sD.PNG

Storey County

Virginia City High School & Middle School

Amanda Eddy - Band/ Choir

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